Saturday, February 10, 2007

Challenging a Teacher

Hi students. Hello brave Elia :-( This will be our second week which will end up with each one of you having his own blog.Yes, and his own SlidShow, I know your next question!
As you will be having your final term exams on the 24th, , you will busy for almost 20 days, on which you will be studying hard. However, Elia Magdy, said that you are ready now to take the first step on our blended language ladder wiki without my guidance!!!! Do you all agree? If no, you do not have to take the challenge with him and his group.I posted the first step on our YG files area.Our first meeting will be on 17th of March 2007.Our Wiki will be launched by then and we will continue stepping upwards!
Good luck with your exams

Hurray to Autonomous Learning

Muhanned, who keeps on impressing me daily, has his blog up without any guidence from his teacher!Congratulations Muhanned!It was REALLY a surprise.You made my day!now you can add posts and let it grow to be a BLOG!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

First Meeting Groups 2&3

Today was our second meeting.It was also a success!I will not write in detail, because I will ask you to write your comments and sugeestions on the comments area below.You have done well.I am very proud of you. A big " thank you " goes to Muhanned, and the others , who helped their colleagues around our YG and blog!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Show Has Started

  1. On Thursday, 2nd of February 2007, I met with group 1 at Lab (7 Center (1).When we started, half an hour late, we found that most of the computers were not working properly. I felt that it will not work! Then I moved to Plan B( I will tell later about it), which proved to be very useful and we went over how to introduce yourself part, how to move around in our YG with some screenshots provided. After that, we tried again to log on and it worked. I showed those who are already members to do the poll and add their data on the database section with those who did not join yet listening. After I finished from those, to my surprise, I found some students, like Elia, Salamaha and Ashraf were helping the others in logging in.Then everything went very smoothly.
    At the end, we took photos with my camera, agreed to speak as much English as we can when in the Lab asking for help.Everybody was happy
    I am so glad that I started this group, hoping my smart students will be using it to improve their English language

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Welcome to Our Blog

Hello.This is a blog created for CS1 students to establish a web presence by interacting and exchanging information, comments and personal interests.I hope it would be a seed for many other blogs to grow!Let's start blogging!