Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Your first reading assingnment

By now, you have an idea of what is a wiki and what is a blog. During your week vacation, please read here about the differences between them, in addition to comparing them to discussion forums. We went over dicusion forums at the lab, remember?
Then, on YOUR wiki page, answer these two question:
1.Which one do you prefer and why?
2.Which one are you going to continue using after the course finishes and for what purpose?
Good luck with your exams. I will miss you all

Say " I am a Blogger Now "

Now, it is time for creating your own blogs!
I will put two simple tutorials for you to help you.The first one is a tutorial
found here, by one of my dear friends, Jane Petring.It was Susan Marandi, an Iranian professor and also a dear friend, who reminded me of Jane's tutorial.Thanks Susan!The second tutorial is for you to use when you join Blogger. It is their Help section which is very useful and easy to follow.
1. Open the turorial on another window.
2. Google will create an account for you with the same email you have.No need to change your email.
3.Go to the second tutorial after you become a mebmer of Blogger.com
Happy Blogging!
See you after your exams.