Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hurray to Autonomous Learning

Muhanned, who keeps on impressing me daily, has his blog up without any guidence from his teacher!Congratulations Muhanned!It was REALLY a surprise.You made my day!now you can add posts and let it grow to be a BLOG!


Sasa S said...

Hi Hala and students - your Tagananet Blog looks very promising, I'm sure you'll have a great time filling it up. What does the word Taganent mean? It sounds nice.
And - congratulations on your first blog, Muhanned , I'll check back on it with pleasure. :-)
Warm regards from a grey and rainy Slovenia.

Leanne said...

Hi Hala and students,
I admire your creativity and congratulate you on your new blogging adventures. I think it is an excellent way to practice English while learning more about the potential of computers in today's world. The internet is so fascinating and it makes the world seem so much smaller. For example, I "taught" Hala how to make a snow angel by emailing a video clip.

Warm greetings from snowy Canada,

mmvcentro said...

Hi Muhanned!
I tryed to post a comment earlier, I do not know if I succedded.
I want to congratulate you on your first blog, it is terrific!!
Lots of love from Mexico:

Anonymous said...

Hi Muhanned!
Congratulations on your first blog!
It is terrific! I am a beginer in blogging, I would like to learn to make the layout like you.
I am not as fast to learn as you.
This is my 3er, attempt to leave you a comment, I hope I succed.
Lots of love from Mexico: Maru

Teresa said...

Congratulations to Muhanned on his first blog! I'm leaving a comment there.
I have a blog with my 11 year-old students (2nd year of English) and invite you to visit it and leave your comments. Please write your first name and the city and country you are in, so they know where you are in the world. :-)
Hugs, Teresa (your teacher's friend in Portugal)

marydimonaco said...

Congratulations to Muhanned on his first blog.
His posts are full of wisdom. I'd love my students to visit it and contact him. As soon as classes start here in Rosario, Argentina, I'll invite my students to pay a visit.
It'd be great to learn about our different cultures and problems.
Hugs from Argentina,
Mary Di Mónaco