Saturday, February 10, 2007

Challenging a Teacher

Hi students. Hello brave Elia :-( This will be our second week which will end up with each one of you having his own blog.Yes, and his own SlidShow, I know your next question!
As you will be having your final term exams on the 24th, , you will busy for almost 20 days, on which you will be studying hard. However, Elia Magdy, said that you are ready now to take the first step on our blended language ladder wiki without my guidance!!!! Do you all agree? If no, you do not have to take the challenge with him and his group.I posted the first step on our YG files area.Our first meeting will be on 17th of March 2007.Our Wiki will be launched by then and we will continue stepping upwards!
Good luck with your exams


EMAN said...
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EMAN said...

Hi this is my bolg