Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Show Has Started

  1. On Thursday, 2nd of February 2007, I met with group 1 at Lab (7 Center (1).When we started, half an hour late, we found that most of the computers were not working properly. I felt that it will not work! Then I moved to Plan B( I will tell later about it), which proved to be very useful and we went over how to introduce yourself part, how to move around in our YG with some screenshots provided. After that, we tried again to log on and it worked. I showed those who are already members to do the poll and add their data on the database section with those who did not join yet listening. After I finished from those, to my surprise, I found some students, like Elia, Salamaha and Ashraf were helping the others in logging in.Then everything went very smoothly.
    At the end, we took photos with my camera, agreed to speak as much English as we can when in the Lab asking for help.Everybody was happy
    I am so glad that I started this group, hoping my smart students will be using it to improve their English language


christina_ljunggren said...

My dear Hala, the Yahoo Group introduction looks absolutely amazing. You are so clever and skilled! Do you remember back in 2005....;-)
yamnocf (you are my number one cyber friend)


Hala Fawzi said...

What a surprise,Chrissan!
Thank you for dropping by and for your sweet words!

Ibrahim said...

Salam Aleikum dear sister Hala!

I am very impressed by your blog! Your students are really great and I am sure they will learn a lot by using Internet tools!

Best wishes,
Ibrahim ~ Tajikistan

carbesi said...

Dear Hala and studennts: if Ibrahim
Rustanow can say "Salam Aleikum" that I think is like a salute, I´m going to say "Buenos días, Hala"
(Good morning) it is 9 A M.
Sommmetimes bad situations turn into good. If computers had been working right, maybe you had not done this wonderful blog. I see you have only 3 girls in the group. They do not want to study or
they can not? To the students: try to take advantage of your teacher. She loves teaching and always is eager to help people.
A warm and tight hug from Venezuela, the land of the sweetest oranges in the world (especially to HIBA) the queen of the group. Horacio.
Please, take a look at my blog


Dennis said...

Greetings, Hala and students, from cold, northern Germany - but the sun is shining.

Students, Blogging is FUN, and you have a marvellous guide.

Very best wishes to you all,

Dennis, an Englishman in Germany

Mary H said...

Dear Hala,
Good morning and Ohayo gozaimasu from Japan! I am so happy to visit your class' blog and read about their new adventures online and in the classroom. Best wishes for a productive and wonderful semester!

Mary H

sharon said...

Dear Hala and students,

Congratulations of your new blog and your Yahoo group!

I know that you're going to enjoy communicating in cyber space :-)


Muhanned said...

What a surprise!
Dear teacher I can't find words to write about the blog and your interesting friend.
(I will steal some of them:-)
You are the most active teacher that i see.

Gladys Baya said...

Your narration made me smile... so many experiences in common! I wish you the very best in "spreading the word" about the potential of new technologies when carefully integrated into the teaching-learning process...

All the best,


mmvcentro said...

Hi students!
You have a wonderful page, your pictures are radiant. I envy you, I wish I could have a teacher like yours, so active, warm and creative. Take advantage of her! Learn as much as you can, English is as important now as writing and reading was for our ancestors. I bet you will learn English, Blogging and have fun at the same time. My best wishes.
Your new cyber friend from Mexico.
Love: Maru

Hala Fawzi said...

Thank you so much for leaving comments to my students, dear friends.You added much to their "WOW" factor !hugs

lawandalha said...

Hello Hala and students,

Its indeed great and very catching bloging site. so,congratulation to you students for having such a very initiative and hardworking teacher; she is my teacher too, i've learnt alot from her.

I hope you will utilize this oportunity provided for us.

Bravo Hala for this wondrfulous link. we remain part of it.

Once more congrats and best wissshes from Nigeria.

Lawan Dalha

Teresa said...

Dear Hala and students,
I love your blog and this post, because it is so authentic! It took me back in time with great experiences... and very similar "learning lessons".
I believe that we should always look at "glitches" in a positive way.
Keep up the great work! :-)
Teresa (your teacher's friend in Lisbon, Portugal)

Thedarkdragon said...


marydimonaco said...

Hi Hala!
I've been visiting your blog and getting lots of ideas. I intend to do something similar with my students this year. I hope they are as responsive and creative as yours.
Congratulations to a wonderful teacher and her students!
Mary Di Mónaco (Argentina)