Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Shining Angel

One day, Monadel told me he was inspired by the use of blogs to publish one's works online.He had some poems and short stories which he kept in a safe place.Then, I told him about what a "portfolio" is and that it would be great if he could collect all his work and tried to have an e-portfolio using
Before we reach the end of our course tomorrow, I have this surprise from Monadel today with very sweet words that will twinkle forever on my inbox!!.Thank you,dear Monadel.Your words have made me day!!!I have just left a comment.I invite you all to visit his "shining Angel" and let him know what do you think about his poem.

1 comment:

Muhanned said...

Dear teacher,
All of us are grateful for you 'cause you learn us how to be successful and how to live.
All of this is yours so thanx for being our inspiration...